Organisational Development

We work with organisations to support your people and teams through re-structuring, growth, delivery and change projects.

Aligning your people, processes and systems with your strategy and with each other.

We work really effectively in the space between the strategy and the operations on the ground, to support your teams play to their strengths, adapt to change and deliver. We skilfully blend best practise models, tools and techniques with executive coaching, leadership and organisational development capabilities. This enables us to design and create valuable frameworks, that are not only repeatable but adaptable. What we do is think in terms of your entire system, your people, your processes and your interactions, over time. This supports you to see beyond just the immediate.


Play to your strengths as an organisation, team or team member. Become more adaptive around change.


Understand where you fit in to the big picture and close the gap between your operations and your strategy.


Know the important details, become alert to your decision impacts. Become a learning organisation.

How we can help

We offer a variety of pathways to help you stride towards your big picture results.

Enterprise Value Chain Visualisation

For Executive & Senior Managers

Details matter but a bird’s eye view of your enterprise establishes the real scene. Take a deep dive into VisionScape development and visualisation techniques so that you can step back, take stock and bring to life the big picture improvements you need.

 Framework Development

For Senior Managers & Team Leaders

Reliable Frameworks provide repeatable processes for Delivery & Service Operations. Help your teams deliver consistently, have better control and support you to continually adapt and improve.

Organisational Development and Change

For Senior Managers & Team Leaders

Support can mean the difference between success and failure. Readiness checking, planning well, organisation, taking care of relational and transactional elements, dealing with cultural changes and applying the correct interventions, at the right time are key contributors to success.

Coaching & Mentoring

For Ops Teams; Team Leaders & Members

Silo working and thinking is no longer sufficient in today’s complex world. Coaching can unlock hidden potential and increase effectiveness and engagement. Bring the best out in your people; and retain your best talent. Teams that work better together are happier and more productive.

Customised Training

For Ops Teams; Team Leaders & Members

Develop your people through specialised leadership and self-awareness training. Create a greater degree of responsivity and responsibility. It’s an intelligent investment in succession planning and your future as a learning organisation.

Psychometric Assessment

For Managers; Team Leaders & Members

Evidenced-based psychometrics support your succession planning; enable your people and teams to lock in their strengths; work on their blind spots; highlight suitability to roles and provide development plans for success.


Answers to some commonly asked questions.

What kind of organisation do we work with?

We work with a wide-variety of businesses and organisations. With more than 25 years’ experience working with multi-cultural teams in a diverse cross-section of industries, we have a unique set of abilities that you can draw upon if you are embarking on change and feel you need support to get there. So whether you have a team of 10 or a team 10,000 we can create a programme that works for you.

What's involved with Coaching & Mentoring?

Expertly designed for Operations Teams, Team Leaders and Team Members, our Coaching and Mentorship programmes are ideal for helping you identify the strengths of your emerging & existing leaders. We can support development of your Operational Teams, working expertly to integrate people and processes and your Temporary or project teams, from formation to performance when time really matters.

We work beyond the immediate; beyond just the skillset to reach the mindset. Mindset is the key when it comes to change. We support you towards new opportunities and possibilities by helping you to develop mindset and become agile, adaptive, second and third order thinkers.

What's involved in Customised Training?

Our service includes:

  • Leadership Development supporting your leaders to develop their style, presence and effectiveness;
  • Team Development using proven frameworks for self-awareness and teaming capabilities.
What's involved with the Psychometric Assessment?

Our service includes profiling for:

  • Career & Role Suitability and Development;
  • Behavioural Balance Profiling (Paradox);
  • Emotional Intelligence; Personality Profiling;
  • Learning & Communication styles (Harrison and Roche Marin Solutions).

How it works

Align your people, processes, systems and strategy in 4 simple steps.

1: Commissioning

We work with the sponsor and team lead to understand what is required, agree scope; diagnostics approach; confidentiality and formalise the feedback process.

2: Diagnostics

We blend industry best practice techniques and frameworks, to create a bespoke solution for your assignment. This surfaces your needs; underlying themes, conversation and drives towards the results you really need.

3: Design & Delivery

We will co-create the programme and agree what psychometrics to use to gain insights. We then confirm, schedule & facilitate your programme delivery.

4: Review & Align

We provide ongoing review of the programme and continually check-in with direction to confirm delivery & mission are still aligned all the way through to the end.

“The expertise, knowledge and professionalism I experienced was second to none”
C-Suite Executive and Business Owner

“Caroline is well read, qualified and experienced in the consultancy work she does and she brings all that to bear with focus for her clients resulting in insight and lasting benefit.”

CEO-Environmental Sector
“Caroline has a way of creating a very safe and compassionate space for conversation and communicates her vast knowledge with common sense and without judgement, opening up doors that I never even knew were there.”
Health & Well-being Business Owner

Transformative change starts with a stride

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