At Stride Beyond we are all about the sum of the parts…

Change is unrelenting, indiscriminate and inescapable. It is part of life itself.

We get burnt out, tired of the constant state of flux and just dread the word. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When we get a deeper understanding of our thoughts; control our decision making; know where we are trying to get and the steps it will take to get there, we discover that change is necessary in order for us to move forward in the direction of the results we are striving for. Then, things literally ‘change’ for the better.

Becoming Adaptive to Change

Over the years, what we have found from the many projects we have worked on as team members, leaders and advisors, that change brings with it a set of challenges that can test people to their core. We’ve found that we are just not comfortable with change. We see threats to our livelihoods, to our egos and to our comfort zones. We like it the old way. Yet change is happening around us all the time, moment to moment.

Change is part of our every day modern life and it is happening to us, faster than ever before.

Is the best we can hope to become just more comfortable? Or can we stretch a bit more to adaptability, agility and acceptance? How do we do the best to support ourselves and our people as we navigate the journey through change?

How are you thinking about Change?

When it comes to navigating our way through change working on our skillset is one thing, but working on our mindset is the key.

How often do we step back and take time to check in on our thinking?

But thinking generates ideas, it generates solutions and it generates options. It generates new points of view and understanding. At Stride Beyond, it is never a choice of this or that, there are many more solutions yet to be discovered. We generate these solutions simply by better quality thinking. And then we go further with you, by asking ‘and then what?’

We think BEYOND the immediate. We support you to do the same. We think in terms of second order and beyond. We think in terms of systems, people, processes, interactions and of course, time. This gives you the edge on those who just stop thinking with the immediate.

If our mindset is fixed we won’t see all the available options. However, if we open the door to better thinking we see a lot more choice and possibility. We become agile thinkers!

We are committed to thinking about things differently and helping you to do the same. We work by asking you the right questions about the right things, at the right time. Details are important to us and honing in on the right detail is our expertise. Seeing how these details create impact, create new thinking, that create new options and then think BEYOND that again, is our passion.

“Inquiry is the key to understanding your full story and ultimately to your right starting point for action.

We like to Start Off on the Right Foot.”


How are you acting about Change?

Have you noticed how sometimes we can say one thing and do something else? Sometimes we are not even aware of it. Whether at the individual, team or organisational level, patterns become ingrained and automatic.

How we behave towards something or towards each other is very telling. It can expose our underlying mindset; our thinking, our values and beliefs about the situation.

Through our work we look out for and observe patterns of behaviours, structures and processes that may or may not be serving you.

We are challenging when it comes to finding out what is really going on beneath the surface. Uncovering your hidden strategies; knowing what you value and believe, helps us to understand the bigger picture. We then work to align your thinking and action in the direction you really wish to go.

How do you continue to Change?

Together we identify and create new pathways to help you make informed, harmonious decisions that stick, whilst at the same time growing your awareness of the impacts of your choices.

Understanding the impact of your choices is the key that will open the door to adaptability. You’ll learn how to ask more critical questions about your current reality and create a greater degree of accuracy & reliability of where you are truly located.

If we spend time identifying the details that matter and understanding their impact we can create adaptive, actionable steps that stand a much better chance of achieving what we set out to do – without the overwhelm and drama.

“The expertise, knowledge and professionalism I experienced was second to none”
C-Suite Executive and Business Owner
“Caroline is well read, qualified and experienced in the consultancy work she does and she brings all that to bear with focus for her clients resulting in insight and lasting benefit.”
CEO-Environmental Sector
“Caroline has a way of creating a very safe and compassionate space for conversation and communicates her vast knowledge with common sense and without judgement, opening up doors that I never even knew were there.”
Health & Well-being Business Owner

Transformative change starts with a stride

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