Career Development

Learn how to actively & adaptively plan and direct your own career, prepare for the future and take control of your future career progression.

Personal Career Development is something we cannot leave to chance or feel is in someone else’s hands.

when you think about it, it is our biggest investment, Our investment in ourselves and our main source of income.

Managing our major career transition points is key to intentionally choosing the life-style and work/life balance that works best for you. To achieve this successfully you will need to put the right amount of thinking, planning, action & intention into mapping out your future.

To help you navigate your career journey, we offer career profiling, coaching and mentoring to individuals on a one-to-one or group basis. Catering to your individual needs, we will unlock your full potential and help you take your next big career stride.


Understand your key values when it comes to your working life, ask critical questions that uncover where you wish to go.


Proactively plan your career journey, and create more choice and opportunity, rather than leaving this to chance.


Grow your awareness of the impacts of your choices and move forward in your career path with confidence.

How we can help

We offer a variety of pathways to help you stride towards your goals.

One to One Coaching

For Individuals

Discover what you value, explore your purpose, discover your motivational tendencies. Unlock ways to enhance them for your career choices; uncover your desired direction and build a proactive plan to get there, with the coaching support you need to help you stay on track.

Psychometric Assessment

For Individuals

Using evidenced-based psychometrics you’ll discover your values and your core strengths. You will learn how you communicate; how you manage performance stress and discover how to enhance your ability to secure that course or your dream role.

Group Programmes

For Student Groups

Working in groups can enhance learning whilst being more cost effective. Work with your peer group to plan your choices, develop your goal setting abilities and super charge your study techniques for advanced performance. You will build a proactive plan for your career, from school certification to your very first role.


Answers to some commonly asked questions.
How will we work together?
Our aim is to support you on your individual career journey. We have the philosophy that in life we shouldn’t struggle continually and there is no need to. We work with you to unlock your full potential.
What if I don't know where to start?

We believe that to become adaptable in your thinking you must first know from where you are starting off.  By working with us you will learn how to ask more critical questions about your current reality and create a greater degree of accuracy and reliability of where you are truly located. Inquiry is the key to understanding your full story and ultimately to the right starting point for action.

What's involved with the Psychometric Assessment?

Assessments can provide insights into your personal tendencies and can quickly get to the root of what you value; what you enjoy and how you show up. When you have this information you can get ahead of the game. You will have enhanced ability to match with the right career area; the right role for you; secure that dream job and develop your skills for role performance and success. We support all assessments with our coaching expertise.

Services include:

  • Career & Role Suitability Profiling;
  • Role Development Planning;
  • Behavioural Balance Profiling (Paradox);
  • Learning & communication style; and
  • Emotional Intelligence.
Will working together have a lasting impact?

All of the skills we teach will help you advance in many areas of your life, not just your career. With your new mindset you will move forward from a better place; equipped with the right information and in steps that you can achieve. You will learn how to learn by growing your sense of self awareness around the impacts of your choices. You will build self-confidence and resilience so that you take the helm when making important decisions and developing your career choices for the future.

How it works

Learn how to actively & adaptively direct your own career in 3 easy steps.

1: Exploratory Session

Your free half-hour exploratory session gives us both a chance to see how we may work together and for us to understand your needs.


Now you can schedule your first session and subsequent sessions if you wish. We can offer phone or skype / zoom sessions if they are more convenient.


We continually confirm the progress by regularly checking in with you. We can then make changes to approach or direction if required.
“The expertise, knowledge and professionalism I experienced was second to none”
C-Suite Executive and Business Owner
“Caroline was of great assistance to me …crystallising the direction I wished to go … providing incredibly practical and insightful advice that allowed me to focus …leading to me securing a new role which is very close to my dream job. I would have no hesitation in recommending Caroline for coaching.”
Project Manager, Male, mid-30s
“Caroline has a way of creating a very safe and compassionate space for conversation and communicates her vast knowledge with common sense and without judgement, opening up doors that I never even knew were there.”
Health & Well-being Business Owner

Transformative change starts with a stride

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